Enerquip Heat Exchangers - authorized distributor - stainless steel and high alloy shell and tube heat exchangers for sanitary and industrial applications

Southgate Process Equipment is a proud authorized distributor for Enerquip heat exchangers. If you are interested in any of Enerquip’s products request a quote or call us @ (770) 345-0010.

Enerquip produces stainless steel and high alloy shell and tube heat exchangers for a variety of sanitary and industrial applications. They also produce replacement bundles and parts for existing exchangers.  Enerquip produces products for Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical Chemical, Power, Pulp/Paper, Waste Water, and Renewable Energy throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and other international locations. 
Our Specialties:
  • Sizes: From 2″ to 48″ diameters, and lengths up to 65 feet
  • Styles: U-tube, straight tube, and multi-pass designs available
  • Materials: 304ss, 316Lss, Duplex, AL6XN, Hastelloy, Copper nickel
  • Types: TEMA B, C, & R type exchangers that are ASME code stamped
  • Lead-times: Our delivery time is typically half that of many competitors
Enerquip = Fast Delivery “When Schedule Counts”
  • Customers count on Enerquip to minimize plant down-time and get new projects up and running faster.
  • Standard designs streamline the drawing approval process and allow us to use standardized parts-often stocked and produced in advance.
  • Our in-house machining of tubesheets, baffles and bonnets gives us control over the complete manufacturing process-reducing delays.
Enerquip= High Quality
  • Enerquip is an ASME code authorized manufacturer holding both U and R stamps, approved by and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to perform work to ASME Section VIII, Division 1.
  • We have a line of 3-A approved exchangers for USDA Dairy applications.
  • We build exchangers to TEMA B, C and R type requirements.
  • Enerquip designs and builds to CRN for Canada and PED for Europe.
  • Every exchanger is inspected, hydro-tested and code stamped prior to shipment.

Off-the-Shelf Heat Exchangers
Sanitary and Industrial Heat Exchangers

Ready to Ship HXs by Enerquip
Enerquip has a full line of standard sized heat exchangers available in both sanitary and industrial models for fast delivery. We also stock replacement tube bundles, gasket sets and other parts for our exchangers to support our customer’s breakdowns and maintenance programs.
When you need an exchanger in a hurry, we can use our state-of-the-art thermal modeling software to determine if your application will work in one of our six off-the-shelf sizes available for immediate delivery.  If you can wait a few weeks, we can help you optimize your heat exchanger design into one of our 40 standard sizes, to balance cost, efficiency and space available.  These standard models range from 4” in diameter to 10” diameter in lengths up to 9’ long.  In either case, your end result will be a high quality, sanitary heat exchanger with lead-times that are better than the industry average.

Custom Heat Exchangers

Enerquip Custom Sanitary Hx IMG
If you need a custom exchanger for a unique heating or cooling application, Enerquip’s experienced engineers can design the right exchanger for your process and space constraints. Using the experience gained from building literally thousands of different exchangers, Enerquip applies leading design software and modern manufacturing methods on every new design we create.
In addition to high quality stainless steel heat exchangers, Enerquip also fabricates other process related stainless equipment for OEM’s and system providers. These include: Membrane Housings Filter Housings Pressure Vessels Supports/Hangers Ductwork  and Custom components.
For more information about Enerquip and their products contact:
Southgate Process Equipment
Phone: (770) 345-0010
Fax: (770) 345-4299
Email: sales@southgatepe.com
Website: www.southgatepe.com


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