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Advantage: APT & WPT series, Air/Water Central Chiller Modules

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Advantage’s APT-RC and WPT Central Chiller Modules range from 5 to 180 tons of cooling capacity providing a coolant temperature range between 20?F and 80?F when using R410A refrigerant.
Advantage Central Chiller Modules are specifically designed to provide added cooling capacity to new or existing Central Chillers as the need for cooling capacity increases.
Chiller Modules can be air-cooled or water-cooled. APT-RC models are air-cooled and require an outdoor remote condenser. WPT models are water-cooled and require an external water supply source such as cooling tower, city or well water to reject the heat removed from the refrigeration circuit.
Chiller Modules require the use of an independent tank and pumping system to distribute chilled water to process use points and to return process water to the chilling module. Advantage offers a wide range of Pump Tank Stations to facilitate this function.
For even greater chilling capacity, multiple APT-RC and WPT units can be connected to the system.
APT-RC and WPT Central Chiller Modules are available in single, dual and triple refrigerant circuit models. For multiple circuit models, each refrigerant circuit operates independently – providing greater capacity staging, tighter temperature control and continued operation during service.
These Chiller Modules use a non-ozone depleting refrigerant and are equipped with hermetic scroll compressors or tandem scroll compressors that utilize rotary technology for smooth, efficient operation.
All Advantage Chiller Modules are precisely engineered and manufactured using only the finest components the industry has to offer.
For more information please see the attached brochure and contact Southgate Process Equipment Ph: (770) 345-0010 / Email:

• Provides additional chiller capacity to new or existing Central Chiller systems
• Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled models
• 5-180 ton models
• 20?-80?F fluid temperature range

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