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Advantage: OACS Series, Outdoor Air-Cooled Central Chillers

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Advantage’s OACS Outdoor Air-Cooled Central Chiller line has capacities ranging from 5 to 210 tons of cooling.
The standard Advantage OACS Central Chiller is configured with reservoirs and pumps housed in a single frame – making it a complete self-contained package which reduces installation costs compared to other systems. In addition, the OACS systems are designed to be installed outdoors, saving valuable indoor manufacturing space for other operations.
OACS Series central chillers combine 1 or 2 independent refrigeration circuits along with an integrated reservoir and pump system to make a compact yet powerful plant wide chilling system. The integrated reservoir and pump system includes a large reservoir with process pump (1 pump systems) or independent process and recirculating pump
(2 pump systems) for system flexibility. Models with 2 independent refrigeration circuits allow for system redundancy and energy efficient capacity control.
Systems can be configured for future expansion to meet your growing cooling needs. When an existing reservoir and pump(s) are already in place the standard integral reservoir and pump system can be eliminated.
All Advantage OACS Chillers are precisely engineered and manufactured using only the finest components the industry has to offer. Delivered fully charged with
non-ozone depleting refrigerant, tested and ready to run…just place on a pad, connect power to the unit and fill with water and glycol.
Designed For Outdoor Installations.
Capacity: 5 to 210 Tons
Fluid Temperature: 20F to 70F
Using Non-Ozone Depleting Refrigerants For more information please see the attached brochure and contact Southgate Process Equipment Ph: (770) 345-0010 / Email:

Rotary Scroll and Screw Compressors
Multiple Refrigeration Circuits
HFC-134A or HFC-410A Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants
Easy to Use Microprocessor Controls
Brazed Plate Evaporator and Direct Expansion Shell & Tube Evaporator
Generously Sized Copper Coil/Aluminum finned Condenser
Electronic Expansion Valve

OACS systems are designed to be installed outdoor in most types of climates. The air-cooled condenser is integral to the refrigeration system, reservoir and pumping system and comes as a complete package.

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