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Advantage: Regal Series, Oil-Temperature Control Units

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The Regal Series hot oil temperature control units are designed to control the temperature of your process by circulating a high temperature heat transfer fluid through the process.
A high flow pump circulates the fluid at the appropriate temperature to maintain a precise fluid and process temperature. Depending on whether the process needs to be heated or cooled the circulated fluid is either heated by the electric heater or cooled indirectly via the available water to oil heat exchanger. The Regal Series can be used in a wide range of industrial processes including; plastics, rubber, die casting as well as many other manufacturing processes that require a process fluid temperature range between 100?F – 500°F.
These units are designed with the highest quality components and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Regal Units
Heater kW: 12 – 48
Pump HP: 1 – 7.5
Pump GPM: 30 – 100
Instrument: Regal G500 Series
Temperature Range: 100°F – 500°F

Oil Temperature Control Units circulate high temperature heat transfer fluid through the process application for temperature control.
Regal Series temperature control units offer temperature control from 100° to 500°F

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