Xylem water technologies | parent company of Standard Xchange Heat Exchangers
Southgate Process Equipment has been a top authorized distributor for Standard Xchange, a Xylem company, for over 25 years.

If you need a particular part or item please click here to request a quote or call us @ (770) 345-0010.
Southgate maintains a large inventory of complete units and spare parts in stock for fast deliveries.

Xylem is the parent company of Standard Xchange heat exchangers, formerly ITT Standard and American Standard.
Xylem - Standard Xchange - S1000R single bank balanced flow packaged steam condenser

Xylem specializes in bringing together advanced technologies, application expertise, and smart sustainable solutions for water across a wide range of industries and applications.

Standard Xchange, a Xylem brand, is the leader in industrial heat transfer, with a complete line of plate and frame, shell and tube, brazed plate, and air-cooled heat exchangers for the chemical, pulp and paper, biofuel, sugar processing, petroleum, power generation, mining, and general industrial markets. We can provide models for high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments, as well as sanitary configurations for pharmaceutical and food and beverage processing.

Whether you are looking for air coolers, heat transfer coils, compact brazed, shell and tube, gasketed plate units, or packaged steam condensers, Southgate Process Equipment and Xylem can connect you with the units and parts you require.

Custom Engineered Shell and Tube Units: 
Standard Units have a (1-2) week delivery after purchase order is received.

Expediting options are available please contact us for more information (770) 345-0010.

Century Series Units

Xylem’s Century Series heat exchangers are available in a variety of models and configurations to suit your requirements. The Century Series can meet TEMA “B”, “C”, and “R” specifications, along with ASME Section VIII Div. 1 “U” stamp and ASME Section III “N” stamp.

Single or multi-pass tube arrangements are available for maximum efficiency over a wide variety of tube flow volumes, and these units can be constructed from many different materials.

CPK Units

Xylem’s Model CPK is a straight tube, removable bundle, packed floating tubesheet heat exchanger. The CPK can meet TEMA “B”, “C”, and “R” specifications, as well as ASME Section VIII Div. 1 “U” stamp and ASME Section III “N” stamp.

The CPK has single or two pass tube arrangements for maximum efficiency over a wide variety of tubeside flow rates. It is available in horizontal as well as vertical installations, as well as stacked assemblies.

Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers:
Delivery for Standard Units is 1-2 weeks after purchase order is received.

Options are available for expedited deliver. Please contact us for more information at (770) 345-0010.

Plateflow Gasketed Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Xylem’s Plateflow gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger offers a compact, efficient, and flexible design that is easy to install and move, readily expandable, and easy to inspect or clean.

Plateflow gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers are available in a variety of plate construction materials, including 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy® , Incolloy® , and other metals. Various connection types are available to match the application requirements. Gasketed, semi-welded, double wall, and free flow plates are designed to meet a wide variety of applications.


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