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Industrial Heat Transfer Representative & Distributor

We offer competitive / factory direct pricing on Heat Exchangers, Chillers, and many other types of heat transfer equipment. Please visit our pages below featuring some of our top manufacturers or search our part number catalog. We are always available by email:
Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Air-cooled Heat Exchangers, Switches, Chillers, and Accessories


Southgate Process Equipment has been a top authorized distributor for Standard Xchange / ITT Standard for over 25 years, offering Shell and Tube, Plate and Frame, Air cooled, and Brazed Plate heat exchangers. We have a large inventory of complete units and spare parts in stock for quick delivery for Model BCF, HCF, HFF (brass shell), Model SSCF (316 stainless steel), and Model SX2000 (steel shell) straight tube, fixed tubesheet heat exchangers, as well as custom engineered Century Series shell and tube units, air-cooled Airex and Fanex heat exchangers, BrazePak brazed plate heat exchangers, and Plateflow plate & frame heat exchangers.

Southgate Process Equipment has been a top authorized distributor for ITT Standard (formerly American Standard) for over 25 years. We offer straight tube, fixed tubesheet heat exchangers in 1,2 and 4 pass options, in brass shell, 316 stainless steel, and steel shell configurations. Our Removable U-Tube Heat Exchangers include Models B300S, B300W, and SX2000U, and feature copper tubes, 2, 4 and 6 pass models, covering areas as large as 1,900 square feet. ASME Code constructed. We also offer Custom Engineered Shell and Tube Units (TEMA) with a wide variety of design options, and air-cooled and air/oil heat exchangers.

Southgate Process Equipment is a top authorized distributor for Advantage Engineering. The Advantage Engineering product catalog features a large array of heat transfer products including Central Water Chillers, Portable Chillers, Temperature Control Units, Evaporative Cooling Towers, and Pump Tank Stations. Our Chillers and Accessories are suitable for a wide range of industrial refrigeration, heating, or heating and cooling needs, featuring water-cooled, oil-cooled, and air-cooled systems designed for a variety of temperature ranges.

Southgate Process Equipment is a top authorized distributor for ITT Neo-Dyn, manufacturer of standard and custom switches for the industrial, chemical process, and energy markets. ITT Neo-Dyn’s large selection of high quality process control products includes pressure switches, vacuum switches, differential switches, sanitary switches, and temperature switches for general and hazardous use, as well as accessories such as thermowells and junction boxes. Our hazardous use switches include designs well suited for applications in high pressure, corrosive, or explosive media and environments.

Pick Direct Steam Injection Liquid Heaters provide solutions to an array of special applications for the food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, and energy & power industries. Pick Heaters offer exceptional temperature control, energy savings, and ease of installation and operation. If you have a need to heat water or any type of water miscible liquid or slurry, contact Southgate Process Equipment and let us help you find the right Pick Heater for your needs.

Southgate Process Equipment is a proud authorized distributor for XLG. XLG Heat Transfer manufacturers XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers and XTube Boxer® scraped surface heat exchangers for use in a wide range of industrial applications in processes involving heating, cooling, condensation, pasteurization, high temperature sterilization, and heat recovery for the food industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, environmental control industry, and more. Call Southgate Process Equipment at (770) 345-0010 or email us to request a quote on an XLG-UHS Heat Transfer System today.

Southgate Process Equipment is a proud authorized distributor for Enerquip thermal solutions. Enerquip is a leading provider of sanitary and industrial heating and cooling solutions, including shell and tube heat exchangers, vapor condensers, thermal fluid heaters with serpentine or helical coils, asphalt heaters, tank heating coils, steam generators, waste heat economizers, suction heaters, bayonet immersion heaters, and other custom OEM fabrication, all made in the USA. Contact Southgate Process Equipment to let us help you find the right Enerquip heat exchanger for your application in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, power, pulp & paper, waste water, or renewable energy industries. If an off-the-shelf heat exchanger will not work for your needs, Enerquip can design and build custom engineered solutions to fit even the toughest of applications.

For years, Munters has led the air conditioning industry, providing premium-quality energy recovery, dehumidification, and precision air-conditioning equipment. Munters has earned industry recognition and customer loyalty by providing innovative, pre-engineered, fully tested solutions at an economical cost, along with superior training and an unprecedented extended warranty. Southgate Process Equipment can help you with the full line of Munters Z-DUCT heat and energy recovery systems, Thermo-Z high temperature air-to-air heat exchangers, Thermo-T high temperature tubular heat exchangers, Vari-Max OTH Once-Through Heaters, Vari-Max IFRG indirect-fired recirculating gas heaters, Wringer mechanical dehumidification units, and Desi-Wringer desiccant dehumidification units. Contact Southgate Process Equipment today to request a quote!

Southgate Process Equipment is an authorized distributor for Temptek products, offering better pricing than the factory can direct. Temptek, Inc., has revolutionized the market providing low-cost and reliable auxiliary equipment such as portable water chillers, central water chillers, temperature control units, pump tank solutions, cooling tower cells, press side granulators, vacuum loaders, and desiccant dryers. Southgate Process Equipment can help you find the right Temptek solution for your process application.

ITT Conoflow is a manufacturer of high quality regulators, transducers, actuators, positioners, and other accessories for a variety of process applications across the manufacturing, chemical process, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, paper & pulp, and energy industries. When you purchase ITT Conoflow products from Southgate Process Equipment, you know that they are engineered for life.

Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. (IHT) is a specialist in custom industrial heat transfer solutions, whether you require ASME, PED, or military spec units, or just a high quality heat exchanger you can count on. IHT can meet many specifications such as ASME Section VIII Div. I, MIL-STD-248 and MIL-C-19836. TIG (GTAW), Flux Core (FCAW), Stick (SMAW), MIG (GMAW) and pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) for very thin metals, .015 inch to 8 inches thick, and metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, or exotic alloys such as AL6XN. Contact Southgate Process Equipment today to learn more about the IHT Advantage!

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. (HED) is an ASME authorized manufacturer serving a worldwide customer base for pressure vessels and heat exchangers, including shell and tube heat exchangers, hairpin heat exchangers, waste heat boilers, sulfur condensers, and more. HED designs and fabricates heat exchangers and pressure vessels according to TEMA, API, ASME Section I and VIII, Division I, and other industry recognized standards, as well as offering full compliance with customer specifications, and provides the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels Inspectors Registration for any vessels manufactured according to ASME code, as well as extensive experiencing in obtaining CRNs for customers in Canada. Southgate Process Equipment has been a proud authorized distributor for HED for over 25 years.

Southgate Process Equipment, Inc. is proud to be an authorized Elanco manufacturer’s representative. Elanco, Inc. holds ASME Certificates of Authorization to fabricate pressure vessels in accordance with Section VIII Division 1, U and UM. PED and DOSH standards also available. Elanco specializes in conventional spiral heat exchangers, with or without removable heads, as well as hybrid units with both axial and spiral flow patterns. Elanco can manufacture spiral heat exchangers in stainless steel or in a variety of high alloys such as AL6XN, Alloy 600, and C-276. All welding at Elanco is with the TIG method to assure the best quality weld.

Fabsco Fin-Air, LLC, offers a complete line of air-cooled, fin type heat exchangers. Fabsco has the expertise to provide all the necessary functions for thermal rating, mechanical design, drafting, and shop fabrication. Fabsco offers forced vertical draft coolers, forced horizontal draft coolers, and clad and overlay units, and can build to ASME Section I & VIII, Division I, TEMA, API 660 & 661, and National Board codes and specifications, with a wide variety of material options such as carbon steel, all stainless steels (300, 400, 2205), chrome moly, copper nickel alloys, brass, Monel, all low alloy steel, Hastelloy, and Inconel/Incoloy.

Xylem is the parent company of Standard Xchange, formerly ITT Standard / American Standard. Southgate Process Equipment has been a top authorized distributor for Standard Xchange heat exchangers for over 25 years. Let Southgate Process Equipment help you select and configure a custom engineered Century Series shell and tube heat exchanger, Model CPK straight tube, removable bundle heat exchanger, or Plateflow Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger to meet your industrial heat transfer requirements.

Delta T Thermal Solutions is the global based manufacturer of PLATECOIL®, MAXCHANGER®, AND ECONOCOIL® heat transfer product lines. With Delta T Thermal Solutions, customers find efficiency, versatility, quality construction, and extensive knowledge of heat exchange technology and products. Delta T Thermal Solutions is your global solutions provider for all your heat transfer needs.